Saturday, June 17, 2006

Great people of IITM!!

Today we, thru IVil brought village Children to IITM.Saba along with Robo organized the trip.The trip was aimed at creating awareness and enthu about IITM among village school children.We arranged some basic scintific demos and some lectres by IITM professors.Prof TS.Natarajan of physics dept and prof G.Sundrarajan from chemistry dept have consented to give lectres.Prof Natarajan's lectre was simply awesome.He explained the things in a way which reached village children beyond expectation.I really admired the interest he showed towards educating village children.Then prof Sundarajan gave a lectre in basic chemistry.His lectre was a little high.He told the story of math genius Ramanujan in an impressive way which attracted the children verymuch.Then We went to Polymer lab where Susy madam explained things about injection moulding and extrusion with much enthusiasm.I was really carried away by the interst of IITM faculty towards village children.
our sincere thanks to all of them .


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