Sunday, July 23, 2006

An evening at Marina

After having successful WSHG stalls (women self help group) during shastra and saarang inside IIT campus, Saba and Prasanth wanted to a take a test at a public spot. Then Saba chose marina beach.
When Saba asked for my moral supporting presence during the sales, i was excited.(though initially i was little worrying expecting some monetary demands from the localites ).We called the SHG and told them the plan and they agreed.Then on sunday evening, Saba went to the spot along with the women of Natham SHG and started the sales with Prasanth.My self accompanied by Jayavenkatesh reached the beach around 5.30 and found the stall after some futile roaming around the beach.
Then to my joy i seen the stall doing the business with out any disturbance. But Prasanth looking little nervous(i thought) might be because this is his first experiment ,so far he was a theoretical man with marketing (He is an MBA).Though the place is good it didn’t attract much customers.Saba decided to change the location near the path way which would draw potential customers. He asked the shop owners there and they graciously accepted.So we moved the stall. Nice place for good business, but soon came a problem, One man and woman came and told that the place is their regular business place and they are paying money to local bigheads for acquiring the place.
Saba told its for one day only and they somehow convinced and left.
As jaya was in hurry I had to leave the stall at 6.30pm.Hoping Saba and Prasanth could manage till 7.30.Then next morning i was told by Saba that things went well but the business was not as good as we expected. Anyway it given us an idea about how the street market would be..
A nice experience.


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