Sunday, July 16, 2006

flowers will bloom!!

It's been a long time since i blogged as i was busy completing my project(already one month late than the schedule).but today i was made to post something which given me deep satisfaction.
today we(IViL) completed our two day village children trip to IITM.The village children were brought frm kanyakumari, Sivaganga and Natham.
This trip happened when i was exhausted with the project and frustrated with human attitude.Anyway i decided to spent twodays and at the end there was a pleasent surprise.This time also we had lab visits and discussions with IIT profs.From mathematics department Prof.Parthasarathy came and given a lectre that was very interesting,the way in which he explained the children was simply awesome.Next came Prof.Jagdish frm electrical enginnering.First he given a lectre that was motivational,then he taken the children to all laborataries of electrical engg. dept. and taken enormous effort to make them understood everything that was going there.what a great man he is.
During the visits to lab,the technical assistants at laboraties taken much interest on the children and explained them everything.
In our visit to Planetorium,Dr Iyamperumal,Director, Scinece centre greeted the students.Noway the volunteers effort (my friends frm IITM) can b forgetten.but for us its duty, its others who made the trip a fruitful one.
At the end of the day i felt immense satisfaction that i met so many good hearts in the past two days and got hope that the same hearts will make life a meaningful one....


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